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Binsar Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary
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Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary
Binsar Wildllife Sanctuary is located 30 Kms from Almora in Kumaun Hills, Binsar Tourist Rest House is located 10 Kms Inside of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary , Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is very rich and famous for its flora & fauna . Binsar is also very famous for Sun Set and Sun Rise Views.

Binsar - Flora & Fauna
Wildlife in Binsar Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary has dense forest enveloped with many special trees , even many people call it second valley of flower when red flowers are blooming in month of March, Binsar sanctuary has Oak trees at the higher altitude and  pine tree forests in lower altitude, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is perfect place for Bird watchers as trekking is allowed in forest and one can watch plenty of Birds and Animals during trekking in forest..


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The Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the lap of Kumaun Hills in Himalayas on the top of Jhandi Dhar, which is located 33 km north of Almora in Uttarakhand , Many Himalayan peaks are visible from Binsar including Kedranath peak , Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary's total covered area is 47.04 sq. kms. Binsar Tourist Rest House from KMVN is located 10 Kms inside of binsar Forest near zero point , Binsar Tourist Rest House is located inside of dense forest with spectacular views of Snow Peaks and Binsar Valley, The Watch Deck which is made at Binsar Tourist Rest House is world famous for Sun Rise Views and Many people visit here just to watch Sun rise of Binsar , Sun Set point is also located nearby from Binsar Tourist Rest House , 1 kms near zero Point,  Tourist can enjoy trekking inside of forest and spot wildlife with nature, The Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is famous as the home of leopard, Black Himalayan Bear , Wild boars, Kakars, Monkeys Red Fox, Jackals Etc. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary also has variety of Bird Species as approx.180 species of birds visit Binsar every year. The climatic conditions of Binsar are cool as Winter receive Snow fall and are very cold, Summers have pleasant temperature .

Binsar Tourist Rest House
Binsar Tourist Rest House has restaurant which provides Breakfast , Luch and Dinner as Buffet meals , as per goverment rules non veg meals are not allowed inside of forest. Binsar Tourist Rest House has limited electricity and electricity is provided for 3 hours only evening 6 P.M. to 9 P.M., Though walls are fitted with candle stands every where so that provides unique experience with candle light. Hot water is provided by buckets , Binsar Tourist Rest House has 25 Rooms with attached washrooms , Most of the rooms are valley facing with sunrise view.
Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary Entry Gate Binsar Tourist Rest House KMVN Tourist rest House Binsar
Air: The nearest Airport is Pantnagar (157kms. approx.)
Rail: The nearest railhead is Kathgodam (120kms.approx.)
Road: Approx. distances from the nearest major town Almora is 30kms., Nainital is 90 kms. away. From Delhi it is 410 kms. approx.

Important Information : KMVN Resort Binsar

- Please do not trip any individual member of the staff , All tips may be put in the tips box of the Reception at KMVN Resort Binsar
- Please do not waste water at Binsar Resort
- Limited hot water will be provided at KMVN Resort Binsar
- Non Vegetarian food is prohibited under the wild life act.
- Electricity is Not available at KMVN Resort Binsar, 3 hours solar electricity will be provided ( 6 P.M. - 9 P.M.)
- Do not throw lighted cigarettes & match stick around for they may start forest fire
- camp fire is not allowed at KMVN Resort Binsar
- Consumtion of liquor in the dining hall & other public places is strictly prohibited
- Do not litter , Pls use dust bins

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Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

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